D5705 Bogie Appeal:

During September D5705 will be lifted from its bogies  to allow inspection of the traction motors and overhaul of the bogies. Whilst this work is taking place the locomotive will be placed on stands.

The total cost is unknown at present, until the five traction motors are lifted out and sent away for assessment we will not know the full cost of the repairs needed to them. The bogies themselves are not expected to require a great deal of work apart from replacing consumables and some re-bushing work on the brake rigging.

Due to the complex nature of the body lift and the specialist equipment required to ensure we do not put any risk to this unique machine, the current fund has enough available to lift it off and lift it back on the bogies later down the line.

The CoBo Locomotive Group is appealing for contributions, big and small (every little helps)  for the work and materials in between. There is no time scale, D5705 will remain on stands until the bogies are ready, which could be 12/18 or 24 months maybe even longer - it all depends on funding.

D5705 Lifted at Crewe Works in 2005  


How You Can Help:

If you can help no matter how small, it is appreciated and recognised in these tough economic times, you can either set up a regular standing order on the details below:

Account Name: COBO Locomotive Group
Sort Code: 05-03-55
Account Number: 20318656

or send a donation (cheque/postal order) made payable to:

COBO locomotive Group
and send to:
18 Eastwood,
Southburn Rise,

If you do set up a standing order, please contact us  we can include you in the contributors list.

Please note that the funding of D5705 is separate from D8233 and all monies sent to the CoBo Loco Group will go towards D5705.