About us:
The Class 15 Preservation Society in its current incarnation was established in 2005 to ensure that the sole remaining Class 15, number D8233, is restored to working order and preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.

What we have achieved so far:
In February 2006 D8233 moved back to the East Lancashire Railway for the continuation of its restoration, from then and into 2007 the society has concentrated on stripping the cooler group and no.1 end nose compartments for internal renovation and the associated parts to be overhauled ready for refitting - a process that begun in 2007 and is almost complete in early 2008.

August 2006 saw a real boost for the project in the shape of a replacement Paxman 16YHXL power unit purchased for D8233, its own would have been very costly to repair. The new power unit will save the society and its working members a vast amount of money and man hours repairing the old unit. The new engine was installed in the loco in October 2007 where work is now taking place to allow the first start up of D8233 for over 25 years. The main generator set was sent away for overhaul late 2008. The generator was returned to the loco during 2010 and the engine was finally started and the sound of a Paxman 16YHXL was heard for the first time in many years. Otherwork completed in 2010 included removing the No 2 nose end and cab for overhaul and modifications to the traction motors blowers. However much work remains to be done....

The Future:
Traction motor blower modifications for the No 2 end as well as No 1 have begun, along with starting to replace the various pipes and conduit inside it. The main compressor and 2 exhausters are overhauled and refitted. Plenty of exciting restoration work to do - all we need is willing hands to assist us

This however is not the end and many more hours work and funds are needed to complete the restoration and see D8233 hauling trains again.

The Committee:
Here are the current committee members along with contact details. Click on the names to send an e-mail.

Rob Mason
Vice Chairman
Jim Gough
D5705 Coordinator
Adam Booth
Midweek Working
Rob Mason
Tim Farmer
Nigel Benning
Media Officer
Clive Whiting




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