12 July 2010

Monday 12th July

Attendance: 3

Due to precipitation in the locality of Bury, work on the Class 15's cab floor area had to be abandoned and instead work continued on the Co-Bo's floor area. Rob was the first on site and after the inaugural start to any working day was completed, a mug of tea, Simon Dagnall joined him and work started on the Co-Bo. Simon descended in to the tent where he set about paining the roof panels with green anti-corrosive paint while Rob donned PPE gear and drelled the boiler floor area in D5705.

Around lunch time Graham Mortimore joined the working party and helped by painting the freshly drelled floor in green primer. Simon had progressed so well he had even painted one of the radiator grills as well as the roof panels in green primer. Rob took another brush and glossed the top part of the generator bulkhead in 'hemp' and a few boiler water pipes in green gloss. The three then joined forces to work on the Class 15's cab

The next working weekend is 31st July. If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : Simon refits part of the boiler water systems' components back on to the loco after refurbishment. © C15PS
Above : Simon gives the inside of the Co-Bo's roof hatch a lick of primer. © C15PS
Above : Graham treats the freshly drelled boiler room floor with green primer. © C15PS


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