9-10 October 2010

Saturday 9th

Attendance: 3

Following a chin wag and a cuppa it was time to get down to work. First up Jason and Jim undid the tarpaulin on the class 15 and retrieved the conduit. The main task for the working weekend was to complete the drelling of the conduit and to start applying paint ready for when the class 15 cab is lifted back into place as the conduit needs to be fitted at the same time. The conduit was placed outside in the work bench in the sun.

While they were doing this Adam went in the CoBo and started to undo the bolts that fixed down one of the support beams for the roof panels. The beam is held down with 6 bolts and these were removed. Once these were removed Jason was on hand to give Adam a hand in removing the support beam. The support beam was taken out of the CoBo and placed on the floor and Adam and Jason set about nail gunning and drelling the beam ready for painting.

While this was going on Jim was getting on with the conduit. It was noted that some additional welding was required so Jim carried this task out. Adam and Jason had completed the beam so Jason joined Jim in drelling the conduit and completing the welding.

Adam took the support beam into the workshop and applied a coat of anti-corrosive paint which didn't take long. He completed this task and then went outside and joined Jason and Jim working on the conduit. Jim was finishing off the welding and then moved onto grinding down the welds. Jason was drelling one end of the conduit. Adam drilled out some holes for fixing the conduit down, some tabs having been welded on previously.

As time was moving on it was decided to break for lunch. After lunch a little job was undertaken before returning to the conduit. 2 weeks previously Jason had located two metal bars that fix to the roof support beams, these run down the middle of the roof and so support the middle of roof panel halves. When Jason retrieved them from CoBo world he noted that the longer one had a bend in it. So the task was to straighten the bar. A pipe bender was decided on to see if this would work. The bar was placed in the pipe bender with the high part of the bend down and then pressure applied with the pipe bender. It was removed and checked and decided it needed a little more pressure. It was placed in the pipe bender again and further pressure applied and was then checked again. It was decided that it was as good as straight so this was taken out side.

The rest of the afternoon was spent drelling the rest of the conduit and the shorter of the metal bars ready for painting in green anti-corrosive paint. With the late afternoon approaching fast it was decided to tidy away the tools and Jim, Jason and Adam left for the day.

Sunday 10 th

Attendance: 2

Adam arrived and joined Jason for a cuppa and then they made a start on the work. Today was going to be a bit of a painting marathon. First up was to give the main roof support a coat of undercoat, this only took a few minutes. Then Adam and Jason took the conduit out to the CoBo container as this provided more room so allowing access all around it. Adam set about applying a coat of red anti-tracking paint to the inside of the conduit.

Meanwhile Jason was in the CoBo preparing the areas of the bodywork where the roof support beam had been that was removed the previous day. He drelled the metal work back to bare metal and then wiped it down before adding a coat of green anti-corrosive paint.

Jason then had a wander over to the container and Adam had just finished the anti-tracking paint so they turned the conduit over and applied a coat of anti corrosive paint to the outside. Once this was completed Adam went into the tent to apply a coat of Gloss paint to the compressor that is going back onto the class 15 during the lifting weekend.

Jason meanwhile had re-entered the CoBo to carry out further work on the bodywork areas that he had started earlier. The green anti corrosive paint didn't take long to dry as it was quite a warm day so Jason added a coat of undercoat paint. When Jason and Adam completed their task they decided to break for lunch........

After lunch it was more of the same. First job of the afternoon was for Jason and Adam to head back into the container. They turned the conduit over and added a second coat of the anti tracking paint, the first coat had gone on well but it was felt that a second coat would provide that little extra protection.

The next working weekend is 6/7 November. If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : CoBo interior. The section with the 3 holes is where Jason had prep'd and painted. © C15PS
Above : Conduit with second coat of anti tracking paint and Jason finishing off undercoat. © C15PS
Above : Jason painting the Roof Support.© C15PS
Above : Jim about to grind a weld on the conduit. © C15PS
Above : Roof Beam prior to removal. © C15PS
Above : Shorter of the roof support beans getting a coat of the anti-rust paint. © C15PS


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