20 February 2011

Sunday 20th Feb

3 members decided to make final preparations to the cooler group tanks and area ready for refitting on a midweek session coming shortly. Two of the tanks needed studs refitting; we had some but they needed cleaning up and cutting to the correct length. This was a lengthy process. The bleed pipe threads were then looked at on one of the tanks and an attempt to tap them out was made but with next to nothing on the thread left it was decided that they will need helicoiling.

The studs on the opposite tank were fine though and tapped out ok. The car park side cooler group area was given a flat off and another coat of hemp paint as it was rather patchy after all the various welding repairs. It is hoped that we can lift the tanks back in on Thursday 3rd March - we also hope to make progress on D8233 that week as well.

The next working weekend is 19/20 March. If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : Cooler group with new studs fitted. © C15PS
Above : Cutting a radiator stud to length.© C15PS
Above : Making new radiator studs. © C15PS
Above : Painting of cooler group area. © C15PS
Above : Tapping out the bleed pipe threads. © C15PS


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