29 May 2011

Attendance 3:
With the weekend being another D9531 weekend most of the volunteers were tied up working on D9531 for the weekend. However Sunday morning Adam and Andrew Walton made a start inside the D5705. There were a couple of project meetings during the day so Adam was going to be coming and going. First up Adam helped Andrew set up the compressor and needle gun and then Andrew took on the task of continuing the needle gunning of the wall and ceiling area around the electrical cubicle. This was tough going and would keep him busy right through to lunch time. In some places the paint flew off but in others places the paint was so hard it was taking multiple runs with the needle gun just to make an impression in the paint. But Andrew was persistent and started to see results.

While Andrew worked on the needle gunning Adam made a start on sanding down the walls on part of the outside of the electrical cubicle as these have been repainted in the past. Adam then continued on round towards the generator bulkhead. As the walls are in pretty good nick they are going to be sanded down and then coats of primer and gloss paint will be applied to freshen them up. Adam then disappeared off to the first meeting.

Just after lunch Adam returned. Andy had finished the needle gunning and following a chat Andrew moved onto the drelling of the areas that he had needle gunned just to clean up the metal work and remove any final bits of loose paint. Adam in the meantime showed Mike Jacobs the progress that was being made with the CoBo and also discussed the future plans etc. Mike then asked if two volunteers from the Pioneer Diesel Group could be shown round and Adam took them on a guided tour of the D5705.

With the guided tours completed Adam joined Rob Mason on trying the refit the bellows within both cooler groups. The frames had been sent away previously and the new material had been made up so Rob and Adam spent half an hour or so try to get them to fit but as hard as they tried they couldn’t quite stretch the material to fit. After some serious thought Rob came up with an idea to modify them slightly and decided to take the material home with him to apply the modification.

While Rob and Adam were working on the cooler group bellows Andrew had to leave so he tidied away his tools. Adam took over the drelling of the walls and ceiling area that Andrew had been working on. This didn’t take too long and following a Hoover up and a wipe down with a white spirit soaked cloth the area was ready for some anti-rust green paint. Time was getting late in the afternoon and Rob headed off. Adam made a start on the painting and while painting Kris had a wander into the loco looking for a Job and was tasked with painting a couple of sections of conduit into red anti-tracking paint. The painting didn’t take long and once completed and cleaning of brushes was completed it was time to call it a day following a chat with Dave G about the battening that needs to take place in the No 1 cab. It was also decided that a coat of paint would be applied before the battening was completed but that’s for another day…..….


The next working weekend is July 23/24If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : Andrew getting to grips with the needle gunning. This shows how cramped some areas can be. The electrical cubicle is to the left of the picture. © C15PS
Above : Kris painting a small conduit from the electrical cubicle. The No2 cab is beyond him. © C15PS
Above : Another area that Kris had painted, this needed finishing off from the previous working weekend. © C15PS
Above : All the areas that had been needle gunned and drelled by Adam and Andrew have received a coat of anti-rust paint. © C15PS
Above : Dave G trying to work out the Battening jigsaw in the No 1 cab. © C15PS


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