02-03 June 2012

Saturday 2nd

Attendance 3:

The day started with Adam and Jason making a start on removing the last bits of the brake rigging, the brake cylinders, handbrake mechanism and the associated pipe work. So first job was to remove the pins from the brake rigging that connected to the handbrake mechanism. Then the brake cylinders were also disconnected from the brake rigging and the rigging was removed. Then the brake cylinders were dropped from the bogie frame, simple case of undoing 4 bolts on each cylinder and then they were lowered to the floor. Next up the handbrake mechanism was removed, simply a case of unbolting from the frame. Then brake rigging pivot posts were removed, well when we say removed the central shaft and bearing halves were removed but it was found that the main part of the pivot frame was attached to the bogie frame with fitted bolts. These were hit with large hammers but didn't budge so it was decided to leave these connected to the bogie frame.

Malcolm made an appearance and following a discussion with Adam and Jason regarding the best way to remove the pieces of metal that stop the horn blocks from dropping out, Malcolm made a start on removing them. There was concern that there was a lot of pressure on the bolts as the bogie springs were still under pressure. To combat this Malcolm sourced a couple of pieces of long threaded bar and the nuts to go with it. Each plate had 4 bolts holding them on so Malcolm removed two bolts from corners opposite each other then placed the threaded bar though with the nuts done up part way. Then the two remaining original bolts were loosened off and as they were removed there was a large bang as the springs relaxed. The nuts were removed from the longer threaded bar and that was one corner completed. Malcolm moved around and carried out the same process on the three other corners with no further loud bangs so this completing another important job prior to the bogie frames being lifted from the wheel sets. This took him most of the afternoon to complete.

Next up for Adam and Jason, a start was made on removing the last of the pipe work. There was a pipe that fed air to the two sanders so all of the bolts were removed from the clips and then the pipe work was undone at the various joints and removed in sections, this was put to one side ready to be used as a template for new pipe work to be made. The final pipe work to be removed was 4 sets of pipes that fed grease to the central bolster of the bogie. Each set consisted of a metal section and a rubber pipe. The clips were removed and then the pipes split and removed, again set to one side ready to be used as templates for new pipes. The rubber pipes in particular were in a bad way, one snapped in two when being removed!

With all the remaining pipe work removed and as time was getting on Adam and Jason moved all of the removed items from the bogie and placed them into CoBo World ready for the parts to be overhauled or replaced. With that completed it was decided to call it a day.

Sunday 3rd

Attendance 3:

Adam and Jason had a chat as to the plan of campaign for the day. While they were having this discussion Chris Guntrip joined them. Adam and Jason started off by removing all remaining items from the bogie. So first up were the sandboxes. One of them still contained its original sand which unfortunately was wet. So this involved having to be broken up and scooping it out. Once complete 4 nuts and bolts were undone and then they tried to lift the sand box/cab step assembly. It was quickly discovered that over the years a buildup of muck and rust meant it couldn't be lifted off. So plan B involved a metal bar and a big hammer! After some persuasion the sand box/step assembly moved and they lifted it on to the floor. Then the other sand box was unbolted and as this was a sand box only this was lifted down easier as it was lighter. Then the second set of steps was unbolted, these were lifted down and placed to one side.....

Chris meanwhile had started on clearing the muck that covered the traction motors and the insides of the bogie frames. He scraped the worst of the much off then using a screw driver scraped around bolt heads until they were clean. Chris did a cracking job and this turned out to be a real time saver for Adam and Jason.

Having completed removing the last few things from the bogie frame Adam and Jason moved on to making sure all of the nuts and bolts on things like the gear casing and the traction motors could be undone. As Chris had cleaned up one end of the bogie they started at that end. It was a case of checking that every nut and bolt could be undone easily for the Traction Motors, Gear Casings and Bearing Housing. They methodically worked their way around all of the nuts and bolts cracking them off. Some of these required a long bar to assist. Each time one was loosened off it was done up again so no damage will be caused when the bogie is moved. Once that end was complete they moved onto the other end of the bogie and went through the same process at the other end of the bogie. With all of the nuts and bolts moving they are ready to be removed come the lifting weekend at the end of June, this should hopefully alleviate some of the problems on the day. Adam, Jason and Chris then had a tidy up and this brought the weekend to an end……..

If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : A big persuader was required for these bolts. © C15PS
Above : Jason unbolting the cab steps and sand box. Chris in the back ground cleaning the muck off the bogie. © C15PS
Above : Malcolm removing one of the Horn Block stops. © C15PS
Above : One of the brake cylinders lowered to the floor. © C15PS
Above : One of the traction motors. All the nuts and bolts in view were loosened ready for the lifting day. © C15PS
Above : Some of the larger parts removed from the bogie includding the sanding boxes, cab steps and brake cylinders. © C15PS
Above : The last parts of the brake system to be removed. © C15PS


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