25-26 August 2012

Attendance 4:

Jason and Gary made a start at needle gunning little areas to finish them off, Jason needle gunned the underneath of the bogie frame on the cross members where they come into close contact with the wagon that the frame is sat on. Gary made a start on finishing off the right hand equalising beam once the position of it had been changed to allow access to the underneath of it.

Meanwhile Adam and Phil made a start on drelling some blocks of metal that sit between the ends of the right hand equalising beam and the bearings of the wheel sets. Each end has two of these metal blocks so in total for the Bo bogie there are 8 of these metal blocks.

Gary had finished the right hand equalising beam so moved on to the main traction motor linkage that couldn't be removed. He needle gunned this and the area of the bogie frame behind it to remove all of the muck and rust. Once that area was completed he needle gunned the horizontal bars of the bolster hangers.

Meanwhile Adam and Phil moved on to drelling the equalising beam to get it ready for a coat of paint, Jason drelled the areas of the underneath of the bogie frame that he had needle gunned to get these areas for a coat of paint. As these activities came to a close it was decided to break for lunch……

After lunch a wipe down of all the metal work was carried out then a painting marathon began. All of the areas of the bogie frame, equalising beam and other pieces from the bogie that had been needle gunned earlier in the day were given a coat of green anti corrosive primer paint. This was carried out by Jason, Phil and Gary. Also two thirds of the bogie frame had only had one coat of green so another coat was applied to this. Adam in the meantime made a start on applying a coat of undercoat paint onto the third of the bogie frame that had received two coats of primer paint previously. This kept everyone busy for the rest of the day…….

Sunday 26 th August

Attendance 3:

Jason made a start on drelling the other 4 end bars from the equalising beam, these that are for the left hand equalising beam. Adam needle gunned the left hand equalising beam to get this ready for a coat of primer paint and once complete it was drelled.

Phil arrived on site and made a start on applying a coat of grey undercoat to the rest of the bogie frame and once Jason had finished drelling he joined Phil on undercoating duties. Adam then cleaned up all the bare metal surfaces and following a quick wipe down applied a coat or primer to them. Even though it doesn't sound like much had been done over the weekend it was all very time consuming and a great deal of progress has been made.

Over the next couple of working weekends black gloss paint should be applied to the various parts of the bogie and then attention can turn to the wheel sets, cleaning off the mud and rust from them, painting them and then checking over the bearings prior to reassembly of the bogie. A start on overhauling the brake rigging can also be made ready to giving it all a coat of paint and then this can also be reassembled on to the bogie frame.

If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : Jason needle gunning the underneath of the bogie frame. © C15PS
Above : Gary needle gunning the main traction motor linkage in situ. © C15PS
Above : The right hand equalising beam and the 4 end pieces ready for the coat of primer paint. © C15PS
Above : Gary applying primer paint to the frame. © C15PS
Above : Adam making a start on the undercoat. © C15PS
Above : The bogie frame in a completed coat of grey undercoat paint. © C15PS


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