27 September 2014

Attendance 2:

Steve Lucas made a start on needle gunning the other side of the bogie to the side that Phil Cribbin had done a couple of weeks previously. This kept Steve busy all day and by the end of the day the vast majority of the bogie side had been completed, there are a couple of springs that need to be completed but these will be completed as and when there is time. This is another large chunk of the bogie done and once drelled will be ready for a coat of primer paint.

Adam made a start on drelling up some of the surfaces that had been needle gunned previously. The underneath of the frame and the end and the side that Phil had needle gunned was drelled. Once the traction motors and central spider are lifted out this will allow access to the inside of the bogie so that these areas can be completed and have a coat of paint applied.

In the afternoon Adam moved on to drelling one of the corner brake pivots that move the brake rigging when the brake cylinder applies or releases the brakes. This involved degreasing and drelling back to bare metal. This will receive a coat of primer in the near future.

The rest of the afternoon was spent drelling off pipe brackets and bolts/nuts and sorting out the bolts for the gear casings from the Bo bogie. Once access to a pit can be gained the plan is to refit the gear casings to the Bo bogie.

There were plans to continue on with work on the Co bogie on the Sunday but a request was made to assist with disconnecting the engine from Ernest (D9531) as the engine needs to be removed so that the engine mounts can be replaced.

If you wish to lend a hand please contact Adam Booth

Above : Steve working his way down the bogie. © C15PS


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