April 2024

To bring everyone up to date, I’ll break it down into sections.

99% of all internal walls, floors and roof sections have been restored. Some external bodywork has also been repaired/welded.

1. North end cab – pretty much all there, most of the wiring was completed prior to the C15PS taking it on as a project. Heaters overhauled and wired in. Seats under renovation.
2. Cooler group – Restored a long time ago now, all pipes down (oil/water) as well as radiator elements. Traction Motor blower for the Co bogie has been overhauled. Water pump requires parts. Fan motor overhauled.
3. Engine room (minus engine) – Almost all of the pipework/conduit has been overhauled, various tanks (water and fuel header) restored.
4. Generator/boiler room – Gen was fully overhauled by Bowers in 2020/21, pipework and conduit restored, brake frame was stripped down and restored (valves, air pipes etc) Exhausters are in too. Bo bogie traction motor blower now restored and waiting to come back.
5. Electrical cubicle – 99% complete. All contactors, relays, load regulator and reverser restored. Wiring is very advanced. Resistor banks restored.
6. South end cab – Still under restoration but well advanced. Desk completed, wiring in, new air pipes fitted.
7. Below solebar level – The loco was lifted in 2012 and both bogies including traction motors overhauled. Underneath the body was shotblasted and repainted (we’re still removing blast media, it gets everywhere) All the pipework/conduit was overhauled, battery boxes restored, wiring in a advanced state. Air valves were removed and overhauled, using new seals etc where required.
8. Gangway doors – Not yet touched
9. Engine – The V8 is at North Lincs Engineering and we are waiting for an update. The powerunit had been blocked in by another whose owners were unable to remove until recently.

The pictures are a random selection taken over the past year, I’ll add context as and when I can

If you are interested in helping out please contact Rob Mason

Above : The brake frame (generator under cover to the right of the picture). Exhausters in grey and under duvet covers. © C15PS
Above : Cooler group grills were in need of new steel, amongst other areas of external bodywork. © C15PS
Above : Each relay, contactor and tufnol board lovingly restored. © C15PS
Above : Fuel pump (I think) resistor bank restored by one of our younger volunteers. © C15PS
Above : More steel required in the South end cab.© C15PS
Above : The lighting circuit restored and tested north end. © C15PS
Above : Chain pully, anchored to the generator mounting point, used to pull heavy cable trough the conduit. © C15PS
Above : Reducing valve for the fuelling system. © C15PS
Above : Reverser, fully restored and covered in new wiring ready to be terminated onto the frame. © C15PS
Above : Secondmans seat base nearing the end of the painting process. © C15PS
Above : Lighting circuit restored and tested south end. © C15PS
Above : South end cab in the process of putting the floor battens down, allowing access to other bits below floor level at the same time. © C15PS


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