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D8233 stored in Healey Mills Yard in 1983 © Graham Holman


D8233 is seen on Finsbury Park shed © Stephen Botrill

ADB968001 is seen at Finsbury Park TMD 21/11/1976 © Graham Mortimore

D8233 as ADB968001

ADB968001, otherwise known as D8233, prior to purchase from BR. © Alan Morton
D8233 in Railfreight Red Stripe livery at Bury

D8233 in Railfreight "Red Stripe" livery at Bury on 09/04/1988. © Ian Dobson
D8233 at Crewe in 1994

D8233 at Crewe in 1994

Two views of D8233 at Crewe on 05/04/1994. both © Ian Dobson
D8233 at Crewe in 2000

And again six years on at Crewe, 14/08/2000. © Ian Dobson
D8233 at Crewe Works Open Day 1988

D8233 on display at Crewe Works Open Day in 1988. © Roy Chamberlain
D8233 at Crewe

D8233 during its time in storage at The Railway Age, Crewe. © C15PS
D8233s cab showing corrosion

D8233's "cab end" - note the corrosion. © C15PS
D8233 showing signs of deterioration

This is what over 10 years of open storage did to the bodywork! © C15PS
D8233 being cleaned

And so we decided to clean it up. © C15PS
D8233 being cleanedD8233 being cleaned

Volunteer Ritchie Davison at work. Quite a marked contrast! © C15PS
D8233 being cleaned

Finally the green livery is revealed. © C15PS
D8233 after the clean-up

Clean-up complete! Rob Bray, Matt Kitchen, Jim Gough and Chris Baily pose next to their handiwork. © C15PS

An early view of the locos initial restoration at Chapeltown in 1985. © C15PS

Wearing Railfrieght livery '15033' is unloaded at Bury for its first stay at the ELR. © C15PS

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