10/11 June 2006

Saturday 10 June. On a very hot day, the team set about removing the old tarpaulin first and replacing it with a much more robust monotex one, as the old one was getting a bit ripped and increasingly difficult to keep on on D8233! The new one is of a better size, which has enabled us to secure it against pipework etc on the main frames and thus will be able to be moved if needed with the tarp on. We then got into 'shot' blast mode, compressors were set up and plugged in and we set about finishing off the cooler group, however progress was slow as the blaster kept blocking, which meant 10mins or so each time to dimantle remove the offending item, then reassemble. One member busied himself with sieving the used shot ready for re-use, a mind numbing task, especially in the heat we experienced. The back bulkhead in the cooler group was finished with shot blasting and a start made on other panels. One member removed more items from the generator compartment, mainly more conduit and fire system pipework. The sales stand was erected and measurements taken for the wood needed and ideas thrown about on where to mount bits n bobs and photos etc.

Sunday 11th June. Due to other ELR commitments, there was only 2 people present today, who concentrated on getting more blasting done in the cooler group compartment and sieving used blast ready for the next working w/e. There is only a small amount of work left now in the cooler group compartment with the shot blaster, then we will move onto the No1 end nose compartment, once the cooler group has been painted during the next working w/e. All in all, another good w/e's graft with a slightly low in numbers team, who did suffer in the blazing hot conditions.

Photos of the work are below

Above : The loco was uncovered so as to change the tarpaulin over for a heavier one. © C15PS

Above : Progress was being made on the rear bulkhead scrubbing back to bare metal. © C15PS

Above : The locos R/H side isn't often seen due to the proximity of the loco shed wall. © C15PS

Above : The new tarp was draped over the top of the loco before being unfolded out. © C15PS


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