22/23 July 2006

Saturday 22 July. The main focus today was to complete the shot blasting and priming of the cooler group compartment. A modification was given to the shot blaster which helped the flow of shot from it. This resulted in a near enough faultless performance from the machine and the remainder of the cooler group was finished by mid afternoon. It was then out with the paint brushes and green anti corrosive primer on the blasted sections. A start was also made on the cooler group side panels with rust and scale removal. The Radiator shutter sections were also dismantled ready for cleaning up, painting and greasing.
Sunday 23 July. With the Cooler group compartments primer dry, the first job was to apply the grey undercoat to the entire compartment, the next stage being the grey engine room gloss. With this task completed, an area beside the coach was cleared for the purpose of putting up a homemade shot blast tent. Fashioned from a bog standard Gazebo and panels cut from the old tarpaulin, this facility will prove very useful, items that have been removed will be able to be shot blasted and painted undercover no matter what the weather, and also contain shot for re-use.
Above : Jim Gough is grinding the rust off the radiator facia panel that was salvageable. © C15PS
Above : A start was made to clean off the radiator shutters with wire wheel grinder. © C15PS
Above : The rear bulkhead of the cooler group was painted with the grey undercoat. © C15PS
Above : The cooler group front bulkhead was painted at the same time as well. © C15PS


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