1 August 2006

The replacement engine arrived today from Beta Generators. It's purchase is a major step forward in the restoration of the locomotive. The engine will be stored under cover until such a time it can be installed into D8233
The replacement Paxman 16YHXL engine on site at Bury. © C15PS
Above : The original BTH generator will be fitted HERE after its been removed & overhauled © C15PS
Above : An overhead view showing cylinder heads, manifolds and fuel injection system. © C15PS
Above : The L/H side of the engine showing the repositioned and improvised oil filter system. © C15PS
Above : The front of the engine with big red crank shaft cover and dark blue govenor fitted. © C15PS
Above : A view of the stripped remains of the Paxman fitted to the loco for comparison. © C15PS


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