14/15 October 2006

Saturday 14 October. Firstly a warm welcome to Tim, a new working member who came down just for a look, but got given overalls and a paint brush and didnt go home till early evening!

Today we carried on where we left off in the No1 end, basically more shot blasting, we managed to get the front of the compartment done ready for priming. Outside two of the members busied themselves cutting off wasted metal from the Right hand side cooler group panel, however as they cut more out, it was decided that the best way forward would be to have a complete new panel, so measurements were taken and the frame that mounts the luvres was cut from the old metal work, measurements were also taken for the other bits of wasted metal that had been previously cut out, the steel will now be ordered so it can be welded in asap.

The left cooler group panel was cleaned off from rust back to shiney metal and given a coat of primer. In the coach more radiator tank renovation work was underway, two of the tanks were given a coat of black gloss and one was primed. The studs were removed from one of the tanks and cleaned up and refited. We also decided to erect a new gazebo which the working vols had bought.

With winter coming up we decide to invest in this to protect us from the elements outside, as we all can not fit and work in the coach! As its twice the size of the old one, it provides quite alot of undercover working space and protection for the larger parts. By early evening we were all starting to get the CBA feeling, so work was stopped and everything tidied and put away, ready for the next day....

Sunday 15 October. Due to reasons of a self inflicted nature, work on the loco didnt happen till midday!

However in a short space of time the 4 people present achieved alot. In No1 end some scale around where the floor and sturcture join was needlegunned and then wirewheeled to shiney metal ready for priming, also part of the framework where the doors mount was needled gunned. Needle gunning whilst delicate isnt much fun!

In the coach more radiator tank renovation continued with more gloss being applied and a start made on cleaning rust up on the forth and final tank. In the tent a coat of under coat was applied to the left cooler group panel.

In No1 end once the noise had finished, the panels were dusted down and then given a coat of primer, there is only the floor and rear bulkhead that needs similar treatment in this compartment, then undercoat and gloss can be applied.


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