11/12 November 2006

Saturday 11th. Today was the C15PS's first AGM since the relaunch of the society, so no work was done on D8233 itself, however the sales stand was out at Bury station for the English electric day and it was a good chance for all working members to be together and catch up and ponder about the future over a few well deserved pints!

Sunday 12th. Today the working members present were split up into two teams, one to continue work on D8233 and the other to help craning and moving the 6 traction motors from Baron St upto Castlecroft. Team 1 set about the rear bulkhead in No 1 end compartment sanding it down back to bear metal ready for new paint to be applied, as well as this other cooler group components were prepared ready for painting. Team 2 were busy helping to shunt out a suitable wagon to transport the tration motors and helping and assisting the craning team at Baron st and Castlecroft ends. We had been asked if we could move the traction motors from Baron St by the ELR as they would of been in the way for the forthcoming Carillion contract on Metrolink. The 6 motors are now safely stored at Castlecroft untill a time that we need them and have funds available to send them away for overhaul.

Above : The six traction motors are loaded onto a flat wagon top go upto Castlecroft. © C15PS
Above : Gareth Williams is grinding off the old paint from the nose end rear bulkhead. © C15PS


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