14 January 2007

Sunday 14th. This weekend, was pretty low key after the events of last year around this time, when transport of D8233 was being organised from Crewe to Bury and all the parts for it were loaded and moved to Bury. However, more cooler group parts were prepared and painted, this being the radiator side frames and the brace bars, also a start on the preparation of the electrical conduit that runs in the cooler group was made. Other work saw the tidying up of the 'cab' area of the coach, so it would take more finished parts and could be used as a painting area.

Photos of the work are below

Above : Freshly re-painted cooler group parts in store waiting to be refitted to the loco. © C15PS
Above : Chris Tatton & Danny Ferguson, Needle gun the remaining radiator side frames. © C15PS
Above : Matt Hainsworth cleans off some electrical conduit parts on the wire wheel. © C15PS


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