28 & 29 April 2007

The script again this w/e was the preparation and painting of cooler group bits n bobs. The new cooler group side panel was removed and given a coat of green primer on both sides, and the oil filter drip tray was prepped and given a coat of primer. A start was also made on drelling the front side of the shutter panels as only the rear had been shot blasted. The conduit was given its final coat of orange and the side panel got a coat of undercoat also.

The script does seem to be the same at the moment, painting, painting and painting! But the progress is visible and the 'cooler group pile' has gone down significantly, once the new panel is fitted for good the rebuild of the cooler group can begin in earnest, then its into the nose compartment!

Above : Another part gets painted, this time it's the drip tray from under the oil filters. © C15PS
Above : Dave Garnett is cleaning off the paint from the surface of the radiator shutters. © C15PS
Above : More painted pipes? This time it's the electrical conduit from the cooler group. © C15PS
Above : Chris Tatton & Sam McCannon needle gun the radiator slats. © C15PS


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