04-05 August 2007

Saturday 4th of August. A quiet weekend volunteer wise, mainly due to the past few months of work and sales stand operation! Jason forged ahead with the cooler group rebuild and No 1 end renovation. He painted the parts that were on the workbench in grey undercoat, these being the fan drive shaft spider hub & drive links, fan bearing stay bars and hanging brackets and the drip tray drain pipe.

After this he got out the compressors and needle gunned the floor of the nose end compartment, then drelled the floor in nose end compartment before painting it with green primer. While the primer was drying the tarp was pulled back at the B end and repositioned the fan cowl ready for working on and drelled the inside of the fan cowl and painted the inside of the with the green primer paint.

Sunday 5th August. Again Jason on his own today he began by pulling back the tarp back over the nose end & cooler group. The floor of the nose end compartment was then painted in grey undercoat, then the panels around the L/H door frame were undercoated also. While the undercoat dried in the heat of the summer, the inside of the fan cowl was also given the undercoat treatment.

The cooler group roof and fan aperture were also needle gunned, then drelled and given a coat of green primer. With the undercoat now dry he then proceeded to paint the floor in nose end compartment with black floor paint and painted the L/H door frame panels with dark green gloss paint.

Back in the coach various parts were painted ready for re-assembly. The fan drive spider hub & drive links in engineers blue and a few misc parts the cooler group were cleaned up.

Some photos of the work are below.

Above : Restoration work at the B end of the loco has yet to start in earnest. © C15PS
Above : Jason Lovell paints the inside of the fan cowl in the confined cubical space. © C15PS
Above : After needle gunning and drelling the cooler group roof is painted in primer. © C15PS
Above : The nose end floor and LH door frame panelling are now gloss painted. © C15PS


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