20-21 October 2007

Saturday 20th October : Early start again and the first job was to go to the coach at the locoworks and transport the welder to Castlecroft. The new nuts were then welded into place on the roof section that were removed last week.

Whilst waiting for the crane to arrive we went back to the old power unit and removed the bearing housing from the fan drive shaft, however it virtually destroyed the old bearing and left the inner race left on the shaft. At this point Alasdair arrived with the crane and we had to abandon the removal of the clutch, damper and shaft for the time being. Alasdair moved into position with his wagon, again as per previous weekend, we then ran through the method statement and risk assessment and the lookouts deployed.

We decided to use chains with shortner’s this time rather than slings as they could be adjusted to get a level lift. The power unit was then attached to the chains, and a test lift done, the lift wasn’t level so the power unit placed back down and the chains adjusted. With a much more level lift the power unit was moved over D8233’s engine compartment. However, with only a foot or so to move across for the power unit to be in the right position, warning sirens came screeching out from the wagon, indicating to Alasdair that he was at the limit of his lift for the weight and the wagon would not let him go out any further. After a quick discussion, it was decided that the wagon and D8233 needed repositioning. The power unit was then moved out of D8233 and placed back on the ground, Alasdair then moved all the wagons stabling legs back in and repositioned the wagon to a better position and set back up. D8233 was moved with the Class 03. The crane was then moved back over the power unit and the chains re-attached. The power unit was then lifted and swung over the engine bay. The wagon seemed happier and the power unit was lowered towards the floor, the mounting bolts for the power unit were dropped in through the unit and the holes in the floor to help locate it in position, the power unit was then placed down, however, one of the bolts was tight and would not come out, so the weight was taken again and with the use of bars the unit was jigged into position, the unit was dropped down and with all 4 bolts free in the holes, the chains removed. So D8233 now had a complete power unit in.

However the work was far from over. After a quick refreshment break, the side frame was slung and moved with the HAIB into position on D8233. With a bit of swearing and jiggery it was bolted up back to each bulkhead and bolts placed in the floor to locate it. The roof section was then moved alongside D8233, and the header tank moved underneath on the hydraulic table and lifted up into position, again with swearing and jiggery the header tank was bolted in place. The roof was then lifted up and swung into position on D8233; it took a bit of jigging and swearing to get it into position so that bolts could be fitted on the side frames and cooler-group bulkhead.

Meanwhile while all the above was going with the side frame and roof section, a team was busy removing the inner race of the bearing on the fan shaft of the old unit the clutch, the damper and the shaft. Once the HIAB was free of the roof section, it was then deployed to lift the heavy damper from the back of the old power unit and lift it into the engine compartment on D8233. The shaft presented another problem, the key and keyway were badly worn, so this item has been despatched to Ian Riley engineering for repair to the keyway and a new key to be made. The clutch itself is having new linings made as they are quite worn.

With the craning work finished, Alasdair packed away and departed. We however still had work to do, the power unit required bolting down before moving D8233 and the tarp needed putting back on. With the above jobs done, it was decided to shunt D8233 back down to the works and stable overnight ready for the shunt back into position the following day.

Sunday 21st October : With a later start; we headed down to the loco works to commence the shunt. Again 47402 and 2062 were employed to do this, and around midday D8233 was back in the position it was 10 days previous. With a lot of shattered nerves and people the end of a very successful 10 days for C15PS came to an end.

I don't usually name names on these reports, as I believe everyone plays their part, big or small, each working weekend, however I will this time, so thanks go out to the following who without the power unit swap would not have happened. In no particular order of input, time spent etc:

Andy Hardman, Alasdair Morgan, Chris Tatton, Jason Lovell, Jim Gough, David Garnett, Rob Mason, Matt Kitchen, Lee Kenny, Malcolm Kirkwood, Alan Lee, Carl Holt, Roy Chamberlain, Gareth Williams, David Mylett, Matt Hainsworth, James Bottomley, Tim Baker, Aidy Henderson, Neil McCannon, Chris Guntripp & Tim Elsby.

Chris Baily

Above : The replacement Paxman engine installed in D8233. © C15PS
Above : D8233 is returned to Baron Street. © C15PS
Above : The replacement Paxman engine installed in D8233. © C15PS
Above : The replacement power unit is slowly lowered into D8233. © C15PS


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