26 - 27 January 2008

Saturday 26th January : Six working members present today.

Continuing on from work at the last working weekend, we each set about various tasks. The fuel system pipework was flushed out using fresh diesel, The freshly rebuilt water thermostat had the casing drelled ready for a coat of primer, the fuel pipes were drelled after flushing ready for painting and a start made on preparing the front of the power unit for painting so it can be done before the damper is re-fitted. In this process it was discovered that one of the water pump castings was in a bit of ill health so it was removed and an away team despatched to Castlecroft to remove one from the old power unit. The fuel pumps were in a queuing system for dipping and freeing off a process that took plenty of time. The oil filters taken from the canisters removed from the side of the power unit at the previous working weekend had the elements removed and placed in the solvent bath to soak overnight.

Other tasks undertaken was the removal of the engine governor and fitting of an overhauled one which was fitted to D8233's original power unit, it had been removed whilst at Crewe and overhauled several times by apprentices at Crewe works, the governor that came with the new power unit was a constant speed one and not a traction governor so had to be changed. The exhaust stacks fitted to the current power unit were removed also, so D8233's original ones could be fitted the following day. The fuel system fine filter and governor oil filter were also removed and placed in the solvent bath overnight for cleaning.

Sunday 27th January : Six working members present today.

Work began with setting up of the electric oil priming pump, the connection between the motor and pump was tightened up and then the gap checked to ensure all was equal, the pump was then bolted down to the mounting plate. A battery charging socket was fitted to the wring on the pump set, this is so we can run the pump off a 110v charger to prime the oil system before starting.

The exhaust stacks were dug out from storage, given a drelling and gaskets made then fitted to the turbo and clag outlets on D8233. The wiring to the engine governor run solenoid was traced then the solenoid tested to make sure it worked and held in.  The fuel system pipework that was primed yesterday was given a coat of undercoat, plus various other items of the fuel system were primed or undercoated.

The cooler group fan roof section and guard had some wasted metal cut out then a new piece formed and welded back on. The fuel pumps got to the magic 16 all freed off, then a start was made on freeing off the spare 16 we have as these were also in 'stuck' status. The main engine oil filters were retrieved from the solvent bath and placed in a tray to drain and dry out, the governor and fine fuel filter though hadn't cleaned up that well, so an away team was despatched again to Castlecroft to retrieve the ones off the old power unit, which pleasingly were in far better condition. An adapter flange was also retrieved off the oil strainer and fitted to the new power unit. One of the last tasks undertaken was the fitting of the oil priming pump assembly to D8233.

Again another brilliant weekends work by the team, big progress is being made and the time to fire up the power unit is drawing ever nearer.

The next working weekend is 9th & 10th of Feb - if you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : Dave Smallwood happily painting fuel pipes. © C15PS
Above : Exhaust stacks re-fitted. © C15PS
Above : Fuel injection pumps freed off and ready for re-fitting. © C15PS
Above : Overhauled govenor fitted to the new power unit. © C15PS
Above : Scouse Dave gently frees off a fuel pump. © C15PS


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