09 & 10 August 2008

Saturday 9th August: Jason was the only working member was in attendance today and as it was raining heavily there seemed to be no point in working on either of the two locos and instead it was decided to stay inside the support coach and do some indoors jobs.

The first of which was sorting out the tool store, which has gotten into a right mess of late, so the majority of the morning was spend doing just that. About two thirds of it was done before lunch break and after which I made a start on the main mission for the weekend; to sort out all the electrical conduits. Armed with some large scale reprints of reference photos it took the rest of the afternoon to identify all of the conduits from the nose end, engine room & generator compartment (the cooler group conduits are already re-fitted to the loco) After a conduit was positive identified a label would be written out and tied onto it then drop them into piles depending on where they were from. By mid afternoon the conduits had been sorted out and restacked them neatly back on the shelf and the nose end conduits were separated out ready for drelling.

To finish off the day I added second coat of paint to the TMB air duct parts.

Sunday10th August: This morning Rob Mason & Graham Moretimore turned up and to start off Rob & Graham did some drelling of the nose end conduits, the TMB air duct parts were glossed by Jason. Rob had also been drelling the TMB mount terminal box, when he had finished that he started painting and slapped some primer green paint onto the pipes he & Graham had just drelled.

At this point the tarp on the loco was undone and in the nose end the marker lamp conduit that had so far been restored were refitted. Meanwhile Graham had been drelling the TMB snail duct outside and Rob had begun to prep a pair of lamp irons by drelling and primer painting them, by which time it was mid afternoon and Rob had to leave us and start making a move home, and a short time afterwards Graham had to depart as well.

Jason stayed on a little while longer as their were a couple more jobs that he could do, one was to strip out the lenses & bulb holders from one of the un-restored marker lamp units from the other end of the loco and clean up a couple of the lenses, a clear and a red one, the fixing screws and locating plates were also drelled, theses were then re-fitted into the two lamp units on the L/H side, the lenses were tricky to hold in place while the locating plates were screwed down, after that had been done the tarp was re-secured back over the loco and tied it down firmly. I went back into the coach and re-painted all the conduits and other items with grey undercoat, this then finished off the days work, another low turnout weekend, but hopefully things will pick up a bit next time.

The next working weekend is September 6th & 7th. If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : The electrical conduits were sorted through and tagged. © C15PS
Above : The TMB air duct parts have now been gloss painted. © C15PS
Above : Graham finishes off drelling the Traction Motor Blower snail duct. © C15PS
Above : The conduits for the nose end marker lamps have been fitted. © C15PS
Above : Two of the marker lamp lenses have also been re-fitted. © C15PS


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