23 -24 March 2010

Tuesday 23rd

Attendance: 2

Work did not start till early afternoon and today we had to make preparations for the return of the cab and No 2 end from the shot blasters on the following day.

This mainly involved part dismantling the frame of the tent so to save some time the following day, the opportunity was also taken to re route some of the lights that had been put up, mainly as the wires needed to be moved anyway, and also some bulbs were sitting very close to the engine which if knocked slightly would of smashed. We then searched out suitable pieces of wood ready for the following day for the cab and No 2 end to rest on.

Wednesday 24th

Attendance 2:

After a spot of breakfast, we split up Chris Baily went to meet Alasdair at the shot blasters while Jason remained at Bury to finish dismantling the tent and roll back the canvas.

Around mid morning, Chris and Alasdair arrived back from the shot blasters with the roof sections and radiator side grilles off D5705, these were handballed off the wagon and placed into the tent ready for painting. After a short cuppa, we then all headed back to the shot blasters, where they had got the cab ready for lifting onto the wagon. Alasdair set up and duly craned the cab from the shot blasting building and onto the wagon, they then got the lower half of No2 end to the door and this was duly loaded, then the top half. Once on the wagon, all was strapped down and we headed back to Baron st.

Upon arrival, we unloaded the top half of No 2 end onto the ground, then unloaded the bottom half next to the V12 Crossley resting on pieces of wood. Using the magnet lift, we then lifted off the No 2 roof section and rested this on the bottom half of No 2 end giving the impression of a cut down Class 15! The middle section was then lifted along side sitting on pieces of wood.

We then lifted off the cab from the wagon, this was then slowly and gently maneuvered into the tent frame area till clear of the front. With suitable woods underneath it was lay on the ground. We then helped Alasdair pack away and he then departed.

We then set about re constructing the tent frame work, some of it proving stubborn, but brute force won in the end. We then rolled the canvass back over the frame and lifted the front panel onto the frame work. Jason then set about stitching back together the front panel. Chris went round knocking the pegs back in then set about covering the No 2 end with a tarpaulin. Once done, we then packed away the tools and equipment, and called it a day and headed home.

After the shotblasting the cab was found in very good condition, with only a few minor welding repairs, there are a few captive nuts to grind off and replace which have snapped bolts in them, but after this the cab will receive the painting treatment inside and out ready for refitting to the loco later this Year.

No 2 end is a different kettle of fish, all 3 sections require major skin replacement, and wont be started on till the cab has been finished and back on the loco, these sections will then be placed in the tent for work to commence. All in all a very good past few weeks work which will save oodles of time in preparation and rust removal.

Next job...refitting the main generator............


The next working weekend is 24/25 April. If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : The cab is moved by forklift up to the door of the shot blasting booth. © C15PS
Above : Alasdair controls the crane by remote as it lifts the cab into the air. © C15PS
Above : The lower nose end body section is safely down on the truck bed. © C15PS

Above : The Lower section is lifted off and placed in the ground nearby. © C15PS

Above : The cab safely stored in the tent. © C15PS


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