17 - 18 April 2010

Saturday 17th April.

Attendance: 5

Today was the beginning of what would be a marathon of working days that would see progress on D8233 take a major leap forward with the generator set due to be delivered this day, and then fitted on the 19th

Today we needed to shunt D8233 from 6 road at the loco works for transportation to Castlecroft, and also shunt the ex Irish thumper unit aka ‘Paddy' into 6 road.

The day began by getting the works pilot 08479 and Class 01 D2956 ready for the shunt. Once the loco works shed foreman had shunted out 71000, we were then given the 08 and set about on digging ‘paddy out of its resting place on 7 road behind a number of ballast wagons. As we began this, Andy Hardman rang to say Dowding & Mills had arrived with the generator! Andy was briefed on where to off load it and they did this utilising the wagons HIAB.

In the meantime Jason and Adam set about disconnecting both D5705 and D8233 electrically. We then headed for 6 road with the 01, paddy and the 08. The 08 dragged everything out including D5705 and D8233 then the 01 shunted ‘Paddy' up onto 6 road next to the ferry van which is next to the support coach. The plan with ‘Paddy' is that the ex engine room will be used to store parts for D9531 and the main saloon will now be used for an electrical workshop for the locos.

With this done the 01 then shunted D8233 from the 6 road consist and then the 08 shunted the rest back down 6 road with D5705 now next to paddy.

After a quick brew, we then set off for castlecroft with D2956 hauling D8233. With no pathing issues we were straight through the station and entered the yard at Castlecroft. We then shunted D8233 round the corner onto 4 road at Castlecroft in position by the newly arrived generator.

After a spot of lunch the tarpaulin was peeled back then the 10 ton Coles yard crane moved into position alongside D8233. We then proceeded to lift off the main roof section, both turbo chargers and removed the brackets that mount them. We then moved the tarp back over for the night.

Sunday 18th April

With D8233 in position ready for the generator lift on the Monday all was pretty much set for the big day, but with the roof section on the ground and resting on four oil barrels it was suggested that this was an ideal opportunity to complete the drelling of the remaining internal grille section, with Rob Mason who had been doing the roof renovation here today the plan was put to him and along with Jason they departed for Castlecroft in the morning to get the rest of the roof drelling done before it was refitted to the loco, but in addition to this there was another task that they had to perform and that was dig out all the Class 14 spares from the Weltrol wagon in the shed. Alan Lee had borrowed a large van for the task and later on this job would need to be done but to start off with Jason & Rob set up the power supply for the angle grinders and set about drelling the remaining inner roof sections.

It was soon found to be hard going with the angle grinders as the old paint was so hard and stubborn to remove with the wire wheels, Rob suggested that we revert to using the needle gun as this was the best way at removing old paintwork, at around this time Alan arrived and Jason went to help him while Rob soldiered on. Jason and Alan went through into the shed and started pulling out the Class 14 parts from the messy wagon, they would pull so much stuff out then carry the parts around to the van, after a while Rob stopped his drelling to provide some assistance and after a while all the small to medium Class 14 related parts were dug out carried round and loaded into the van, Alan then departed down to Baron St to get the parts unloaded and placed into ‘Paddy' for storage.

After this Rob decided that he needed something more substantial to knock off the old rust & paint and went down to Baron St to fetch the Compressor & needle gun kit, meanwhile Jason had lifted up the tarp on the loco and went into the genny compartment to complete the remaining painting in readiness for the genny refitting tomorrow, this required the inside of the genny cradle to have one final coat of the wood pigeon gloss, then the floor section under the genny was given a final coat of the black floor paint and to finish off the floor area between the genny and the cab was also painted with the floor black. By this time Rob had returned and set up the gunning gear and set to work and very soon found that the going was much easier using this aggressive tool and after a while they both stopped for lunch and went up town to get some food.

fter lunch, Rob finished off the last few sections with the needle gun then smoothed off the rough surface with the dreller, Jason meanwhile had run along the mounting frame edges with the dreller and begun painting them with the primer, after which he moved onto the central span and the engine breather tube, Rob too was soon ready to begin painting and the pair of them started at either end of the L/H shoulder grille section and worked their way into the middle, soon it was all done and they were ready to pack up and return to Baron St

The next working weekend is 5/6 June. If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : The freshly overhauled Genny was placed on the ground ready for Monday. © C15PS
Above : The main roof section was craned off and placed on nearby oil barrells. © C15PS
Above : The Turbos needed to be lifted off to give clearance for the genny re-fitting. © C15PS

Above : Rob took the oppertunity to drell the last section of roof while it was off. © C15PS

Above : Once drelled it was then a quick job to slap on some anti-corrosive primer.© C15PS


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