6-7 November 2010

Saturday 6th November

Attendance: 5

This working weekend was to get the last few loose ends completed before the lift took place the following weekend. However not much work was to take place today as Saturday was set aside for the C15PS AGM and project meetings for the all of the loco's that the volunteers are helping with. Once the meetings were complete the group decided to have a ride out on the ELR for a change as they are normally working when on site.

Adam decided to get the last coats of paint onto the central roof support beams. He applied a coat of undercoat to the longer beam and while he was at it he applied some undercoat to four plates that are for the windscreen wipers on the class 14. After that the meetings started so that was it for the day.

Sunday 7th November

Attendance: 3

Rob, Jason and Adam were in attendance on Sunday morning. Jason had to disappear for the morning so Adam and Rob set about completing the last few jobs. Adam set himself up with a paint brush and applied roof grey to the top of the short and long roof support beams. Adam then went outside to apply some undercoat onto the outside of the 15 cab where the cab and the engine room bodywork bolt together.

Meanwhile Rob was making up sets of bolts with the required nuts and washers ready for the following weekend, these are to be used to fix the cab of the 15 down. Once he had completed that he painted the lifting eye for the compressor that was being lifted back onto the 15.

Meanwhile Adam had completed the cab painting so proceeded to give the underneath of the short and long roof support beams a coat of CoBo hemp paint. Rob and Adam broke for lunch and then following lunch Jason joined them again. Adam and Rob spent the next couple of hours painting various bits including the gloss coat of paint that was applied to the 15 cab on top of the undercoat applied earlier in the day where it bolts up to the engine room compartment.

Jason in the afternoon jacked up the 15 cab higher so that he could access the underneath of the frame. Then with an angle grinder with a wire brush attached drelled the underneath removing the rust and dirt as this section hadn't been sand blasted. Then Jason applied green anti-corrosive paint to the areas that he had drelled.

One final job that Adam did was to loosen off the last of the nuts that held the roof panel above the boiler area down. As this was being removed the following weekend the nuts needed to be ‘persuaded' off but armed with a tin of WD40 and a couple of spanners they soon loosened off. And with this completed and Rob and Jason having completed their tasks this brought the weekend's proceedings to a close and everyone decided to get away early.

The next working weekend is 4/5 December. If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton



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