10th November 2012

Number of volunteers 3. Dave Garnett, Jim Gough, Kris Mason.

After meeting at the coach in the morning the plan of action was talked about on how to continue with the fabrication of the short nose ducting. As this is a very complex shape we had already decided that we would discuss all the merits and debits of each stage before we undertook them. Jim and Graham Mortimore had already made some parts of the ducting back at the end of the summer. A cardboard template was then made to manufacture the next parts which will eventually make up the wings of the top part of the ducting. After setting up the plasma cutter and fishing out some suitable steel sheeting, Kris made a start in cutting the parts out. Dave and Jim loaded the trolley up with the welder and all the tools they thought they would need for the day. When they had finished setting up the welder Kris had finished the first part and brought it to the loco for fitting. After fitting it was decided to have a break for lunch.

After lunch Dave and Jim fitted the other part that Kris had cut and then attempted to make a new template for the next part of the ducting. Because it was such a long piece with straight sides they decided to just measure it and to draw it up on the sheet steel ready for cutting. A slightly risky method, but it worked non the less. After it was cut out a template had to be drawn so that the piece could be bent to fit the ducting. The was done using the rollers in the C&W department. On return to the loco it was then fitted in place and a further discussion was undertaken on how to proceed with the next part. As time was pressing on all the tools were returned to the coach and packed away.

If you wish to lend a hand please contact Chris Tatton

Above : Fabricated and installed traction motor blower ducting. © C15PS
Above : Kris plasma cutting. © C15PS
Above : The loaded trolley. © C15PS


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