20th February 2016

Attendance - 6

Good turn out today. Jim and Dave G made a start on the assembly of the cubicle frame. Built in Jim's workshop, it arrived in kit form and they spent the rest of the day manoeuvring in to position, drilling the anchor points and welding it together.

Dave Pendleton busied himself with a paintbrush and painted a seat pedestal and the marker light boxes. Dave Jenkins carried on welding new metal in to the lid of the short nose end, after discovering there was a sheet metal rollers in the works made some nice curves. Ian did some paint removal from one of the panels. Finally, Rob plumbed in a new water boiler for the kitchen in the grey coach. A good day had by all.

If you wish to lend a hand please contact David Jenkins

Above : Jim and Dave G drill the anchoring points on one section of the cubicle frame. © C15PS
Above : Jim welding cubicle frame. © C15PS
Above : Dave Pendletons painting undercoat complete on the marker lights. © C15PS
Above : Ian on paint removal duties. © C15PS


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