16 April 2016

Attendance: 3

Continuing the restoration of the loco see's Jim, Dave Jenkins and Rob on site today. Jim and Dave occupied themselves with repairing a small section of the long nose bodywork, just above the buffer beam. Corrosion had rust jacked the steel from the angle iron framework so needed to be cut out and replaced.

Rob had a few last pieces of woodwork to complete in the cab before moving on to cleaning the inside of the Irish Thumper unit, 8099. Previous work inside ‘Paddy' has seen the roof section of the small nose end repaired and various different air pipes from under the CoBo restored. The interior was in desperate need of a good hoover and sort out before the project is started in there: D8233's cubicle frame.

Dave also showed round potential new volunteers so if you are interested please contact David Jenkins


Above : Jim uses the plasma cutter to shape the new piece of steel while Dave looks away. © C15PS
Above : New piece of steel welded in! © C15PS


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