November & December 2016


The team keep plodding on in November. Descaling the paint from the solebar now complete, the buffer beams now get the treatment. One of the two cab seats we have receives similar treatment as the paint is taken off and new applied. The roof light boxes from the roof section on the small nose end also gets back to bare metal and repainted ready for fitting in the new year.

As the final month arrives, the loco was moved from Carriage and Wagon (Buckley Wells) and into Baron Street works. It now sits beside D5705 which means we can share tools and volunteers again. More painting achieved, this time the bufferbeams and conduit fed to the big electrical machines, which consists of the compressor, exhausters and traction motor blowers. Sandboxes and associated sanding equipment were removed for overhaul.

If you are interested in helping out please contact David Jenkins


Above : First sandbox to be painted. © C15PS
Above : Flexible conduit fitted to L/H exhauster. © C15PS
Above : The second cab seat undergoes restoration. © C15PS
Above : Descaling the paint from the bufferbeam. © C15PS
Above : Bufferbeam in green. © C15PS
Above : Internal light fittings. © C15PS
Above : Bufferbeam in red. © C15PS
Above : D8233 being shunted in the low winter sun. © C15PS
Above : Graham Thornton (Bury DMU Group) lends a hand. © C15PS
Above : Howard gets to grip with the sanding equipment. © C15PS
Above : Sandboxes from one end of one bogie. © C15PS


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