20 March 2019

Team Jim - reassembled mid week for a change, with the intention of carrying out maintenance on the engines of the Class 15 Society. The plan was to ensure that both the locomotive and spare engine were free and all moving parts worked smoothly, its at this point where we should have stoped as that would have been successful.

As it was a bright sunny day, the team tackled the spare engine first, after removing the tarpaulin, the barring point was located and the marker located to ensure we knew that we were doing a full turn, the pistons were rotated a couple of times, at the same time the oil was pumped, and checked, a small amount of water ran off which was not unexpected. Team Jim's leader decided that he should check the condition of the oil in the filters (its at this point when the rest of the volunteers realised we should all wear video cameras). Needless to say after the small shower of oil and the leader wishing to clean themselves it was felt an appropriate point to have a lunch break.

After lunch, a gallon of diesel was obtained, and a start on freeing the fuel pumps was made, like all good plans what seems an easy job soon became difficult! On the spare engine a modification was carried out that the fuel system is fitted with non return valves, which still work as designed, removing these, is straight forward however to put fuel in the funnel cannot fit without most of the fuel disappear down the outside of the engine. So the pipe, non return valve and union went back to the coach to be taken apart, once this was done, it was back to the engine to put diesel into the fuel rail and rack, that seems straight forward until you realise that you need to find the bleed valve, once this was located and undone the fuel soon filled the system.

Then it was back to barring the engine over, pumping up the oil pressure, and seeing what happened with the injectors. to quote someone "you'll like it but not a lot", it was clear that the linkage was somewhat seized and with copious amounts of oil based products was not going to give in without a fight. After what seemed a long time some of the linkage started to move, but by this time late afternoon had already passed, so the fuel pipes, valves, unions and hose was put back together , tarpaulin was put back over the engine, tools put away, and team Jim said goodbye to the other volunteers working on D5705 our good-byes.

Although only about a quarter of what we intend was completed, it was satisfying that the spare engine itself is free, and oil circulates, it wasn't unexpected that the fuel system was problematic, it was felt a reasonably successful day was had.

We also have facebook pages too, where we update regular progress - www.facebook.com/d8233

If you are interested in helping out please contact Rob Mason


Above : Adding diesel to the fuel line, as the air was bled out the fuel disappeared. © C15PS
Above : Jim liberates fuel from D8233's engine to be used on the spare. © C15PS
Above : After pumping the oil pressure up, and barring the engine over, a cover plate was removed to ensure that oil was going round, and as can be seen oil was running down. © C15PS
Above : Graham & Jim check one of the oil cleaners for ingress of water and metal. © C15PS
Above : As a result of the above work more diesel was added once the fuel rack had been opened. © C15PS


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