March 2024

Work continues in and around our workshops. The bogie springs have been repainted and are waiting to be tested by Owen Springs of Rotherham. The electrical frame has had more relays overhauled and looming bars made from scratch. Our electrical team are turning their attentions to the loco itself, feeding wires through the conduit.

Power controller number 2 is almost ready to be refitted into the Class 24, a side project we’ve done for the ELR. Next up will be the ones for D8233.

The brake system on the bogies are getting attention too, with the overhaul of the double check valves. The rubbers have perished due to their age. The traction motor side brackets, manufactured by CRF of Wem, have had attention from the paint team.

Plans for the near future; the bogie frames are to be rebuilt once the springs return. Work is to restart on the cab, with the fitting of armoured flexi conduit to the original layout, finishing the air system runs under the cab internal floor and some minor welding.

We will also be giving some attention to our main workshop, the MK1 coach, as this has a roof issues causing water ingress.

We also have facebook pages too, where we update regular progress -

If you are interested in helping out please contact Rob Mason


Above : Double check valve removed from the bogie air system, stripped down and discovered it requires new seals  . © C15PS
Above : Both set of horns from D8233 have tiny fractures in the base of the trumpets. © C15PS
Above : Building up the power controller. © C15PS
Above : Now ready for testing the air valves. © C15PS
Above : 4 more relays on the control frame overhauled and have been tested. © C15PS
Above : Both sets of bogie springs have been sent off site for load testing. © C15PS
Above : These brackets now sporting protective paint. © C15PS


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