Generator Appeal:

The Main & Auxiliary Generators were removed from D8233 in October 2007 after having lain unused in the locomotive for well over twenty years. Both electrical machines were sent to Dowding & Mills for assessment late last year and this month the society have been able to publish the initial diagnosis which is detailed below. The society expects the work required to overhaul both generators to cost on the region of £20,000. We need your help to raise this sum - how you can help is detailed here

Auxiliary Generator

Initial inspection has revealed the Field frame tests OK and it has been recommended that re-varnishing and stoving be done. The Armature insulation is in a poor condition requiring the Armature to be rewound. The Generator requires new bearings and carbons.

The photo depicts the poor condition of Auxiliary Armature insulation.

Main Generator

Initial inspection has revealed The Main field frame has a faulty Main pole which will require rewinding. The Interpoles are breaking down under a surge test, but will need to be separated to assess how many and which ones are faulty. Both Armatures test OK, but would require re-varnishing and stoving, commutator skims, undercut and bevelling. The Main Generator and Exciter both require new brushes.

The photo depicts the Main generator Main Field frame coils.


How You Can Help:

The C15PS has started a Generator Appeal to raise the £20k needed for the repairs/overhaul. We need as much help as possible to make this happen and we have some incentives to hopefully appeal to you to help us out:

1) Every Donation will receive a certificate stating the donors name and amount donated. Their name will also be placed on a thank you page on the C15PS website (if so wished).
2) Any Donation of £250 or more (both accumulative or single) will have the donators name engraved on a plaque that will be mounted in the generator compartment on D8233. They will also receive a certificate and have their name on the C15PS website (if so wished).
3) The Highest single donation will receive a ‘V’ of pistons from D8233’s original power unit that will be mounted on a plinth. These are 2 pistons that have actually run in the power unit of D8233 in BR service and have since seized into their ‘V’ formation.

This will be determined once the generator repair has been paid for and the fund closed. They will also receive a certificate, their name on the plaque in the generator compartment and their name on the C15PS website (if so wished).

Any surplus after the fund has closed will retained for any future generator repairs.

Donations can be made by sending either Cheques or Postal Orders to:

The Treasurer
14 Hone Hill
GU47 9DH

Please make cheques payable to ‘Class 15 Preservation Society’ and mark all donations with ‘Generator Appeal’ and if you would like to be included on the website.

If you are a taxpayer could you please fill in a Gift Aid form or by sending a S.A.E to the above address. This means for every £1 we receive we get an extra 28p from the Government.

Please also include an address or S.A.E to send out your certificate.

You can also donate using Paypal to marking it for the Generator Fund and giving your address and if you want to be included on the website.

Finally you can set up a standing order, our details are:
Sort Code 09-06-66
Account 42342109

Anyone setting up a standing order is asked to contact the Treasurer on either the above address or email stating they have set one up, that its for the generator fund and if they would like to be included on the thank you page on the website. They will also need to include their address so we can send out a certificate. Again, printing off and completing a Gift Aid form will enable us to claim 28p in every pound donated.