Generator Appeal Totaliser:

The Generator Appeal was launched in January 2009 to raise funds for the repair and overhaul of D8233's generator set.

The totaliser to the left will chart the progress of the Generator Appeal.

The following people have generously donated funds towards achieving our goal;

Mr S Dagnall, Mr A Mustoe, Mr A Mitchell, Mr R Bray, Mr N Benning,
Mr M Ratledge, Mr T Gawthrop, Mr R G Stiles, Mr J Cotton, Mr P Dunn,
Mr L A B Dasi-Sutton, Mr L Grant, Mr D Cartwright, Mr M Feidler,
Mr T Buckle, Mr B Adams, Mr M Bailey, Mr G Oxborrow, Mr Andrew Whitehouse, Mr Paul Dunn, Mr Ben Garside, Mr J M R Clarke, Mr S Kent,
Mr K Hern, Mr G Baker, Mr William Pizer, Mr Neale Long, Mr N Fickling,
Mr A MacCaluim, Mr R North, Mr Paul Mcloughlin, Mr J Lovell, Mr P Aitken,
Mr B Kilgallon, Dr E Teverson, Mr A Wilkinson, Mr T Daw, Mr G J Barklem &
Mr E J Payne

Every donation will receive a certificate stating the donors name and amount donated. Any Donation of £250 or more will have the donators name engraved on a plaque that will be mounted in the generator compartment on D8233. They will also receive a certificate.

The highest single donation will receive a ‘V' of pistons from D8233's original power unit that will be mounted on a plinth. These are two pistons that have actually run in the power unit of D8233 in BR service and have since seized into their ‘V' formation.

Details on how to donate are here